Dear partners, panicle soldiers:

A horse does not stop running until it reaches thousands of miles; the eagle does not stop flying until it reaches its peak. 26 years of sharpening, eight years of hard work, from the start-up period, breeding period to expansion period all the way, at the moment, Sui Ling is about to enter the take-off period.

This is the eight year that we continue to overcome setbacks and break through many obstacles. It is the eight year that we are unswerving and have made numerous breakthroughs. It is also the eight year of the overstepping and fighting. Throughout China, panicle Ling in the chain industry in the field of consultation field, the field of vision is difficult to find enemies; looking in the Central Plains, panicle Ling has stepped into the ranks of the first group of enterprise management consulting and training industry, the momentum of development is irresistible. The rapid development of Sui Ling is the result of our struggle and the pride we deserve. However, the current situation of China's management consulting and training industry is changing and changing. There are both opportunities and challenges. The brilliant achievements have passed, and the dream of creating a chain like hegemony is far from being realized. On the occasion of this, as "the mission of the industry for the country and the struggle for the Chinese chain enterprise to the world", let us make a serious question: will we be ready for the time of take-off? This day, and eight words with everyone to encourage: down-to-earth, and strive hard! All the achievements and glory will come from the struggle. Only when you are down to earth can you win at every step. With the coming of the take-off period, we will send out our manifesto. Partners, it is time to act further. Forge a strong heart, vow to do "problem terminator" market cold sales difficult, someone wavered; customers demand increasingly harsh, some people shrink; the team expanded communication, some people anxiety; ideal planning goals are unknown, some hovering. This is all the pain in the process of development. But after the pain, we still need to hang out to cope with all the difficulties and problems. April showers bring May flowers. The development of anything will be faced with new problems that are constantly emerging. However, no matter what problems, we will not be defeated. Since the founding of the company, panicle leaps over numerous obstacles and has experienced a severe test. It is the king's hegemonic and powerful heart that inspires us to overcome the difficulties, climb a peak, and hit the world. Sui Ling always claims to be born for problems, never half a step back, never hesitating. Not in the past, at the moment, and not in the future!  The historic change is in the present. Can we hold the banner of the panicle Ling Ling, stand in an invincible position and ascend the top of the tide at the time of this change, and all look at our action. Partners, let us discarded unnecessary anxieties, cast aside the remaining thoughts, forge a strong heart, and vow "the end of the problem", not the "sender" or "bystander"! Search the Central Plains to chain the world, and ask who can be the male? We should have the spirit of giving up our own people. We should have unyielding faith, we must have the will to yield, laugh at the industry, and strive to create history. To stop shouting slogans and work hard, the development opportunity for chain enterprises to link the past and the future has arrived.

We will not be willing to be mediocre. We will adhere to the spirit of industrial reporting, adhere to the belief in greater social responsibility, firmly promote the mission of the chain industry to the world, make panicle a first brand in China and even the global business service, build the first enterprise of the first group of the commercial service industry, and promote the chain. The development of industry promotes the progress of commercial politeness. Sui Ling should never be a follower of history, but a pioneer of history. Put aside the past hardships and glory, put an end to complacency or impetuous mentality, let us rational thinking, calm response, do a good job in the present, look to the future! The pioneers of history will face unforeseen pain and hardship, and will also experience lonely loneliness. But we can endure it because we are the people of the world. We need slogans to encourage morale, and actions need to be taken to ensure results. The result is not elsewhere, it comes from our down-to-earth struggles. The marketing system is our front force, your brave spirit will win the glory for ourselves; the consulting system is the main force of our decision to fight the world, your dedication will be respected for ourselves; the functional system is a powerful logistic support for our fighting, and your unselfish efforts will win the sense of yourself. Well, there are more departments, more staff, and you are all indispensable driving force in the journey of Sui Ling.

Every one, every spike is duty bound, it is the spark that we create history, gather the potential of a prairie prairie; it is the trickle of water that we create miracles. The slogan of shouting will fade away, but history will witness our down-to-earth struggle.

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